We would like to share a letter from a parent that we recently received.  It reflects the compassion and dedication that we recognize in all of our Special Education staff here in Milford:


I wanted to take a moment to make you aware of the phenomenal experience we have had this year, as well as commend you on the exceptional staff you have hired.

Our son, Sammy, is in early intervention for speech and has been blessed to work with Miss Shelley on Monday’s and Wednesday’s. When she met him, he was a shy, young boy that was incredibly frustrated with our inability to understand him. He often lashed out in anger and began to shut down emotionally when he realized he wasn’t being heard. Through dedication, love and lots of fun, he has truly blossomed! For the first time he is confident. He says hello without prompting, is able to make (and keep!) friends that are his age and older, and participates in conversations. He is able to explore the world around him and is met with fulfillment and joy in learning. He has grown to love school and looks forward to each day in the classroom. He can tell us about his day, and ask us about ours. He has truly blossomed in ways we never expected.

With all that being said, his tremendous growth is in large part due to Miss Shelley. She has made learning fun, instilled a confidence in him that every parent hopes for, and has become one of his biggest supporters. I know it’s not often that positive messages are passed about, but I think it’s important for you both to understand the appreciation we have for all she has done for our son. With this year quickly coming to an end, we look forward to what is to come and the other ways Sammy will continue to amaze us.

Thank you again, and happy vacation!”

Kudos to the Team!  We wish you well as sunnier skies are upon us.