• Please welcome Casey Frizzell, who works in the STARS special education program at Jacques School.  She is a graduate of Rivier University. Casey graduated with a degree in Human Development/Elementary Education/General Special Education.  She enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and watching football! She loves learning about history and doing things like walking the Freedom Trail in Boston. She is especially close with her mother and two sisters!

  • SHARE is our agency of the month!  The mission of the SHARE Program is to provide food, clothing, and emergency financial assistance to area families in need.  SHARE also collaborates with other organizations to provide access to services and information, with a goal to promote self reliance while maintaining the dignity of clients.  Our district works closely with them to help with donations, especially during the holiday season.  There is a lot more information on their website!   Website:  http://www.sharenh.org

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Well, it has been a lovely fall season so far (aside from our little storm!)  We hope you were still able to get spooky with your children around Halloween!  Our Project Drive programs continue to be successful with both Elementary and Middle/High school students.  This program is housed in front of Jacques School in the Bales building.  DRIVE stands for Delivering Rigorous Individualized and Valuable Education.  The students here are on the road to success!

Notice the featured agency above, which is SHARE Outreach.  SHARE donates a lot of items to the community during the holiday seasons.  They also provide information so that others can donate toward the wants and needs of families.

Also above, pictures of new staff that have joined our amazing Special Education team this school year.  Start bundling up out there, as it only seems to be getting colder!

Be Well,

Michael and Jennifer

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